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View All Restaurant operators know that strong marketing is the only way to stand out among the competition. If you want to reach customers, you have to be where they are: online. Classic ad formats like print and radio still work, but modern restaurant marketing should focus on digital. Ask your webmaster about implementing local business schema on your website, to help boost your visibility and manage your presence in organic search.

So, always remember faces and engage with customers via social media. Show that you care by responding to all comments or complaints. Happy customers are loyal customers. Even in the digital sphere, this counts. Many customers will look up online reviews before they ever visit your website or walk through your door. A great restaurant marketing idea is to create your own Yelp profile with photos, restaurant details, and menus. Always politely reply to reviews—whether negative or positive. Nothing is more appealing than mouth-watering photos that showcase what you do best: food.

You can DIY photos with a smartphone, but food photography can be tricky, so consider hiring a professional. Along with food, take pictures of ingredients, cooking processes, and anything behind the scenes. Geo-targeted advertisements, through Google AdWords, Facebook, or Twitter, are only shown to your potential customers. Modern restaurant marketing lives and breathes social media.

13 Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas That Will Bring in More Customers

You can also create fun hashtags. On the back end, Instagram integrates with Facebook for a multi-faceted social marketing strategy.

Restaurant Marketing Strategies Available in 2019 - What is the most effective??

Here are some tips on how to master the Instagram game. These days, almost all of your potential customers are on Facebook. Facebook is a good way to open a direct line of communication with them. Just be sure to create content regularly pictures of your food, menu updates, etc. Not sure how to start? Twitter happens in real time.

Time tweets carefully to reach customers at prime mealtimes with appropriate offers or other content.

19 Restaurant Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Sales in

Use the free version of a service like Hootsuite or Buffer to set up a calendar of tweets. But consider your email calendar carefully. Launch an in-store giveaway with a business card fishbowl drop to collect your initial list of email addresses. Check your local events calendars for anything food-related that your restaurant could participate in.

Google Alerts is a free service that tracks when your business name or another designated keyword shows up in new web content. Many online food communities have large followings, like Eater or Chowhound. Stay in contact with your local branch and share any new happenings at your restaurant. They may be able to help you get the word out, and will appreciate getting a hot tip. Find the hashtags that will work the best for you. Instead, you can add hashtags connected to your area. For an example: nyfood and so. You can also create a hashtag of your restaurant any signature dish or drink and make it trending by using it every post.

Give equal importance to videos. For example a slow-mo video of your chef kneading a pizza dough, or your lasagne being baked in the oven, or any of your signature dish being garnished by parsley. Keep the engagement consistent by sharing the content regularly. You can hire a social media expert too.

Check out more ideas on social media marketing for restaurants here. Gone are those days when the guest has to come to you reluctantly to eat your gourmet food. Get ready to serve your customers at their favorite place- their doorstep. The online food delivering companies like UberEats, Swiggy, Zomato, Foodpanda, and such likes have brought the convenience of having our desired food at our front door. You become open to accepting and catering to all your online orders in real-time and even and reach to a wider clientele.

Thus these food delivery companies shower you with milk and honey, making them the most effective restaurant marketing idea these days. Promotions — running effective promotions is one of the certified restaurant marketing strategies to increase sales and business.

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You must be running promotions in past years too, but try giving them a makeover this year. Do continue running promotions on festivals and special days, if you found them fruitful. Also, try your hands on some new promotions on unusual days such as Columbus Day or Veteran Day. Set some really interesting and easy-to-attract promotions that will actually bring the visitors back to your restaurant. Get fries for free at your fifth visit and.. Loyalty programs: A traditional but always a profit-making restaurant marketing idea. These programs in restaurants include offering memberships to guests, and in turn presenting them with exciting food coupons, discounts and reward points when they re-visit your restaurant.

The reason why you should include loyalty programs in your restaurant marketing strategies for is — they increase your brand value, repeat customers and eventually your restaurant business too.

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Besides, it works best for filling the slow periods in restaurants. While heading towards the tech-era, you cannot stay adamant to authentic physical loyalty cards. Go cashless with digital loyalty membership cards. If managing your loyalty programs is a major concern for you then you can go with any restaurant loyalty program software.

Getting along with food festivals is an ideal way to connect with your customers and market your brand. Some famous food festivals like the Gourmet High street or Bacon festival or Pizza fest receives enormous crowds. Participating in such events will bestow your restaurant with a golden opportunity to showcase your delicacies and attract more customers. You can connect to a wide potential audience personally and thus create a word of mouth marketing.

And you know already nothing is better than you being on the grapevine. The most important advent of getting along with these events is you can collect more customer data and feedback too. One of the compelling restaurant marketing strategies today is to attract the crowd with the help of social media influencers aka food bloggers. An influencer is a user on social media who has established credibility in a specific industry. They have a large fan following and can persuade their audience through their words and recommendations.

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Partner with writers who have popularity as local bloggers and provide them incentives like discounted food or drinks to show appreciation for their effort. Their audience trusts what they say and thus they can substantially increase your website reach and customers too. Take a note of these restaurant marketing strategies and start planning on implementing them to achieve the best results out of these restaurant promotion ideas for your eatery.

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