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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. What is Kobo Super Points? The sand knows no other shapes than the crease of a great smile, and with a smile like that the sand laughs at all things that are not sand. The sand of fountains and of broken feet, which feels no impulse to put them together again. La arena de espalda suave como el pez, de espalda ofrecida de foca, de femenina espalda.

Sand of loyal mirrors, where the love of the seagulls lets their quick angles fall, and where the clouds abandon their passion for the grandiloquent gesture. The sand that knew Christ, sand in which He le no dark scars. The sand of the dunes, which begins to make mounds to rise toward the clouds and broad thrones of queens who never arrive there, about whom the clouds, those great obtuse fools, laugh. Maestro, hazme perdurable el fervor y pasajero el desencanto. Le envuelva la llamarada de mi entusiasmo su atrio pobre, su sala desnuda.

Teacher, make my eagerness long-lasting and my disappointment brief. Let me not be hurt by the incomprehension or saddened by the forgetfulness of the girls I have taught. Grant that I may succeed in shaping one of my girls to be my perfect poem, and let me leave You my deepest melody inside her, to sing when my own lips no longer sing. Show me that Your Gospel can be possible in my time, so that I may not falter in my daily and hourly struggle on its behalf.

Instill in my democratic school that radiance that You shone on the barefoot little children who surrounded You. Make me strong, even in my weakness as a woman, and as a poor woman; make me disdain all impure power and all pressure that is not Your ardent will upon my life. Be with me, Friend, uphold me! O en I will have only You by my side. When my convictions become purer and my truth more burning, the worldly will forsake me, but You will press me then to Your heart, which knew so much loneliness and abandonment.

I will not seek the sweetness of approval except in Your face. Each morning when I enter my school, let my vision rise above the hurt in my own heart. Let me not bring to my desk my own petty material concerns, my paltry immediate sorrows. Lighten my hand in punishment, and let my caresses be ever more gentle. May I reprimand in sorrow, so that I know I have given correction lovingly!

Let me make my brick schoolhouse into a temple of the spirit. Let the radiance of my enthusiasm encircle the humble playground and the bare classroom. Sweet the passing day because of that silk, sweet the sustenance, sweet the ancient sadness, at least for the few hours it slips between my hands.

My belly, now, is as noble as my heart. Pero no importa si es tostado, con ese rico color de las gredas rojas que aman los alfareros, y si sus cabellos lisos tienen la simplicidad de mi vida entera. What Will He Be Like?

What will he be like? I gazed for a long time at the petals of a rose, and I touched them delightedly: I would want that so ness for his cheeks. And I played in a tangle of brambles, because I would want his hair to be like that, dark and curling.


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But, above all, I want that face to share the sweetness he has in his face, and that voice to share the timbre of his voice when he speaks to me: for in the one who is to come, I want to love the one who kissed me. As if I were a cluster of blue-tinged grapes, the light passed through me for the sweetness I might yield.

This that is making itself in the depths of me, drop by drop, from my veins: this was my wine. For this I prayed, the name of God passing through my human clay, with which it would be made. Mi voz es suave, como por una sordina de amor, y es que temo despertarlo. Hurgo con miedo de ternura en las yerbas donde anidan codornices. Y voy por el campo silenciosa, cautelosamente. The Sweetness Because of the sleeping child I carry, my footstep has turned cautious.

And my whole heart is religious, since it carries this mystery.

Elias Nandino: Selected Poems, in Spanish and English (Spanish Edition)

In the faces I see I search for signs of an inner pain, so that others might see and understand why my cheek has turned pale. In tender fear, I pick my way through the grasses where the quails nest. And I pass through the quiet countryside, heedfully. I believe that the trees and material things hold sleeping children, over whom they keep watch. La hermana Hoy he visto una mujer abriendo un surco. The Sister Today I watched a woman plow a furrow. Her hips are swollen, like mine, by love, and her work made her bend toward the ground.

I put my arm around her waist; I brought her home with me. And if my breast is not plentiful enough, my child will reach his lips toward hers, which is rich. Siento crecer mi pecho, subir como el agua en un ancho estanque, calladamente. Y su esponjadura echa sombra como de promesa sobre mi vientre. The Prayer But no!

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Would God let the buds of my breasts dry up, when He Himself widened my waist? I feel my breasts grow, swelling like water in a wide pool, silently. And their so ness casts a shadow like a promise across my belly. Who in all the valley would be poorer than I, if my breasts never did moisten? My child will come thirstily, searching for it.

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Sensitiva Ya no juego en las praderas y temo columpiarme con las mozas. Soy como la rama con fruto. I am like a branch full of fruit. If even one glance from my master were harsh toward me tonight, I might die.