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Covering years of history, spanning from Languedoc in to the beautiful mountainous landscape of Franschhoek, bestselling author Kate Mosse will introduce the first novel in this new historical adventure series, The Burning Chambers as Join Cicestrian, CFT biographer and international multi-million selling novelist Kate Mosse at this exclusive 'home' event to celebrate her latest No1 bestseller The Burning Chambers, the first in a major quartet of novels - covering years of Nothing beats the immediacy and authenticity of a letter.

Letters grant us a glimpse into fascinating lives, whether through the eyes of a genius, a monster or of an ordinary person. Letters also resonate, often many years later, with people who Come and meet bestselling author Kate Mosse who'll be talking about her latest novel, The Burning Chambers. Join us for one of most popular events of the year! We are delighted to welcome Kate Mosse, Donna Leon and another special guest. Kate Mosse, author of the internationally bestselling Languedoc trilogy, brings sixteenth century France vividly to life in her new novel.

The first in a new series of historical novels spanning three hundred years of Huguenot history she explores Kate Mosse and Viv Groskop will discuss their top five anti-heroes and anti-heroines in literature, the characters we love in spite of their flaws. Bringing 16th century France vividly to life, The Burning Chambers is a gripping story of love and betrayal, mysteries and secrets.

Written from the third person point of view, Ms.


Mosse uses the struggle as the background to tell their stories. I felt that the characters are too far back from the historical setting: too much fiction and too little history.

At many points, they felt unreal as if they did not belong in the story. The book is long and a slow read. I enjoyed it, because I'm a sucker for historical fiction, but you should proceed with caution. Fredreeca 11 months ago Huguenot and Catholics collide in France. Minou is the daughter of a book seller. Piet is a Huguenot.

These two come together at one of the most dangerous times in history.

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Both end up leaning on each other just to survive and stay alive. Oh wow! The research Kate Mosse does to write her stories is outstanding. I have been a fan for many, many years. She always teaches me something new. I enjoyed many aspects of this read. The rich history, the setting, and the action and betrayals really keep a reader turning pages. However, I did feel it was disjointed in places. But, I was enraptured and enraged with mans inhumanity to man. Something about Kate Mosse rich historical settings and the way she reels the reader in, will keep me a fan forever!

Overall, I found the writing a tiny bit less mature some telling, not showing etc , but still a completely worthwhile read. The author had the bravery to touch on some very heavy, important topics from a character-development perspective as well, which is always appreciated.

The Burning Chambers by Kate Mosse

And then there are people like her family, who technically belong to one side but still remain open-minded about the other. War and violence ebb and flow. Her father has been mysteriously depressed ever since he returned home from his most recent travels, refusing to leave the house or do much of anything. So it falls to Minou to run their family bookshop and keep them afloat. But then her father sends her and her younger brother to stay with relatives in the larger city of Toulouse so that her brother can learn from their uncle. Everything changes. While she is living in Toulouse, war comes.

Blood is shed. And meanwhile, an ancient Catholic relic is missing and a mentally unstable woman miles away wants Minou dead. The ending is suspenseful and satisfyingly complex.

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You can tell that this book was written for people who love historical fiction because they love history itself and being pulled backward in time. Kate Mosse obviously knows her stuff about this period of history and this region of France!

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If that also interested me, I think that I would have loved this book more. This is a story of family, ambition, tolerance, and love. Anonymous More than 1 year ago The Burning Chambers covers a small portion of the struggle the Huguenots French Protestants had against the Catholic Church in the mid 's. While this book is Historical Fiction, Kate Mosse has done her research and has her facts down on the historical part. She even refers back to the annihilation of the Cathars by the Catholic Church years prior to the Huguenots.

It was a bit slow starting for me, introduction to the cast with no real tie in to each other for awhile. But once it started coming together it picked up and was an enjoyable read. There is a bit of mystery, romance, and history all wrapped up in The Burning Chambers. Reader More than 1 year ago This historical novel has it all — suspense, secrets, love, treachery, mysterious messages — all spanning centuries and continents.

Mosse set her story mainly in sixteenth century France, which is still in the grip of religious zealotry that is tearing the country apart as the Roman Catholic church is determined to rid the country of the Huguenots. Mosse has written a fast paced and unputdownable page novel with complex, well-drawn characters. Her writing and story line are excellent as well. If you love historical fiction that transports you to the past in a way that will have you immersed in times and places, then this is most certainly the book for you.

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