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We hope that this post is as important to you as it is to us. Thanks a lot for reading, for understanding, and for helping. It's time to finish this fight. However, we are trying very hard to have a post-launch patch at least with a localization for texts. But we think that Halo: The Master Chief Collection is a superb compilation of Halo games and fans will be as excited as we are.

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Show More Show Less. The gaming and movie industry should just drop dubbing all together.

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It rarely works. Subtitles is where it's at. I'm not being discriminating. I'm fine watching other movies and games with subtitles. I can understand that re-dubbing the entire game was probably out-prioritized. I understand that isn't re-dubbing any languages, right? It's not like they are working on every language that isn't Spanish, they aren't working on any of them.

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People watch subtitled foreign films, anime, etc without feeling offended I think. A dub should be done if possible, but if not there shoudl at least be subtitles. The only thing I hope for is that English dub isn't removed in the localized versions. I want to get the game day one, not import it.

Yeah this should have been something that was fixed especially since the other three games are in full Spanish. Hopefully you guys gain a lot of ground. The best of luck to you. Idk if this really applies in this situation but here goes. I hate watching dubbed anime. Its almost always terrible w few exceptions Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist and Samurai Champloo were all good by me. Hearing the original voice actors is generally preferred. Hopefully if a dub is done for your preferred language they take the time to do it right.

A bad dub is truly a game changer pun intended. I just made a post with this same subject a few weeks ago. The Spanish-speaking comunity is part of Halo, we play to!

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And we actually enjoy playing on our native language. Also, I dont understand why Microsoft and are not seeing this as a big deal, it was a huge change when we listened the chief on latin-spanish for the first time. And this is not the first time we have a complaint about this. Firefigth didn't include the Spanish voices, even if every other map had them. Cutter's lack of political ambition prevents him from climbing the ranks further.

The Spirit of Fire is operated with help from Serina Courtenay Taylor , a super-intelligent artificial intelligence AI with a sardonic sense of humor; [14] it has been noted that she demonstrates a level of contempt for the humans she assists. The Spirit of Fire is sent to the ruined planet Harvest to investigate Covenant activity, where Cutter learns that the Covenant has excavated something at the planet's northern pole.

Forge's troops defeat the Covenant forces before they can destroy the installation, and Anders arrives.

She determines that the facility is an interstellar map, and recognizes a set of coordinates that points to the human colony of Arcadia. After repelling a Covenant counterattack on the Forerunner facility, the Spirit of Fire travels to Arcadia, where the Covenant has begun raiding local cities and slaughtering civilians.

Forge contacts the local Spartan special forces and assists with the evacuation process. The Covenant builds a giant energy shield to hide the construction of a gigantic Scarab super-weapon and their search of Forerunner ruins in the area, but the UNSC forces use experimental equipment to break through. Forge and the Spartans return to the Spirit of Fire and the crew follows Anders' signal to an uncharted planet in another star system.

Flood board the ship, and very soon Forerunner Sentinels appear to cleanse the Flood threat and also to destroy all UNSC forces in the process. The crew discovers the planet is actually hollow, with a habitable interior and a miniature sun. The Covenant's plan is to activate a dormant fleet of highly advanced Forerunner starships inside the planet, and use them to obliterate humanity.

While the Forerunner ships are being activated, Anders escapes through a teleportation device and is rescued. Cutter decides to destroy the Forerunner fleet rather than allow the Covenant to use it. Anders formulates a plan to detonate the ship's faster-than-light drive in the planet's sun, as the explosion would cause a supernova. The Spartans dispatch the aliens and Forge kills the Arbiter. The reactor is damaged during the fight, necessitating a manual detonation. Forge volunteers for the suicidal task, telling the Spartans that they will be needed in the coming fight.

Without its faster-than-light drive, the Spirit of Fire is left drifting in space. The crew enters cryonic sleep for long-term storage as Cutter takes a last look at Forge's empty cryonic tube. If the game is completed on the "Legendary" difficulty mode, Serina wakes Cutter and tells him that "something has happened". Computer game developer Bungie conceived Halo: Combat Evolved as a real-time strategy game in which players would tactically control units and vehicles in a three-dimensional environment.

Bungie produced two best-selling sequels, Halo 2 in and Halo 3 in , before separating from Microsoft and becoming an independent company once more. Although Bungie is free to produce new intellectual property, the rights to Halo remain with Microsoft. In , the Microsoft-owned Ensemble Studios —developers of the Age of Empires strategy series—began work on the game that would become Halo Wars. We actually spent a whole year just trying to reconstruct how the controls would work on an RTS game.

Halo Wars was originally not a Halo series title. Ensemble spent 12 to 18 months working on the control scheme, using the Age of Mythology engine. The development team hacked an Age of Mythology expansion, The Titans , and used it as a prototype for control experiments.

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  • It's not a question of just changing the control scheme to be gamepad friendly—you need to adapt the underlying strategy mechanic to make sense with the new input device. Once the developers were satisfied with the controls, they presented their project to Microsoft, who suggested that it be turned into a Halo game.

    Ensemble's Founder, Tony Goodman, stated in a interview that Bungie saw the move as "the whoring out of our franchise" [37]. Although Ensemble had to re-create all of Bungie's assets from scratch, Bungie had produced a large amount of reference material for the Halo film adaptation that the Halo Wars team used for inspiration. Another reference point was art from the Halo first-person shooters; however, as the art was from a forward perspective and Halo Wars takes place from a bird's-eye view , the team exaggerated shapes to make the units recognizable.

    Lead designer Graeme Devine noted that the Warthog Jeep is "actually jumping three times as high as it does in Halo , and it goes four times faster than it does in Halo , and all these things—but it looks the same. Very different, between look and accuracy. UNSC structures and units were given a green tint, with gold specular highlights. The Covenant were textured with a repeating honeycomb pattern, with small blue lights against a purple base color.

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    • Devine described the challenge of developing Halo Wars as "getting Halo fans to play a realtime strategy game, and getting realtime strategy fans to play a Halo game. Halo is all about heroic action to save humanity, mega-battles across the galaxy, visceral, highly-tuned combat and heart-pounding tension," Pace said.

      These themes were considered fundamental to the Halo experience, and so Ensemble tried to replicate them for Halo Wars. This did not match the Flood's role as "the single scariest thing in the galaxy". Because of the Master Chief 's large role in previous games, significant effort was expended on the Spartan units. Lead designer Dave Pottinger said the design team "started out just accepting and embracing the fact that the Spartans have to be the coolest unit in the game.

      If they're not, it's not going to meet the Halo fans' expectations. The developers hoped players would become attached to individual Spartans in the campaign and gave each one an individual name; skirmish units were left nameless. Devine commented on the Spartans' look:. We felt because it was 20 years earlier, these are much younger Spartans.


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      They aren't quite as experienced as Master Chief, and we looked a lot at combat infantry going into actual wars, and typically at the beginning of a war, especially the Vietnam War, if you look at the infantry, they're all loaded up. They have all the backpacks on, they have all the belts on, every single bit of armor is there, and they're carrying around lots of armor.

      At the end of the war, they've lost it all and just carry what they need. This is all they have. So if you look at our Spartans, they have more pieces of armor on going into the war. They have more markings on there, more pieces of armor. They've still got the belts on, they're still carrying around everything. Ensemble expanded the Halo universe during the game's development, in order to create enough units to give players strategic options.

      Among the new units was the Gorgon, a biped mech that used weapons called Needlers to destroy light aircraft. However, Ensemble later realized that the Gorgon invalidated a rule they had established: "anything with two legs that walks" was an infantry unit. Instead, the team added a new aircraft called the Vampire. Ensemble considered using the original, less advanced Spartan Mark I suits of armor, in keeping with Halo lore, but once added these units were indistinguishable from Spartans in appearance.

      Instead, they created a lumbering, mechanized unit called the Cyclops, a nod to Age of Mythology.