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His control around the green was amazing and he putted lights out with it. End of the day he fired a 1 under Best rd in 3 years. Dean is onto something.

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Get onboard now boys and girls! Thanks MGS for everything. It was great to see Matt happy again after suffering from depression due to distance loss and spin control. What a deal!!!

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Not really. Virtually the same price. BTW, Snell are all sold out.

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Great test and some surprising to me results. I apologize if this has been addressed, but I did a search that revealed nothing. Yes, I know you included the Costco and Snell but there are a lot of others sold and it sure would be nice to see a comparison. Thanks for the testing. My swing speed is about 90mph, and I normally play the ProjectA and previous generation QstarTour. Played yesterday, and the ball speed of Maxfli Tour is much faster, and I was at hitting it at least 10 yds further.. Thanks for the good work! I second the request, but would also add a request.

Please use a more reasonable swing speed. Something in the mph would be nice. First of all thanks for this great article and source of info. Just curious if more of you came to a ball choice result not falling into the excellent nor very good category? Great article and test but next year you have to do this earlier before all the buy three dozen get one dozen deals are over. Great work. Now we need some updates during the season to check wether ball performances remain the same or if we get different production batches with lower or at least very different performances… A bit like in electronics when a giant had early production batches with premium parts and other production batches had much lower quality parts when the ref was exactly the same.

Or written differently: fool reviews and consumers! Fantastic article and great dataviz. I suppose it was to be expected considering the data and comments from the MGS guys, great work guys. Walter—Where did Callaway post? Could you provide a link? Had the opportunity to on-course compare the b x and b xs. I was intrigued to know if I just saw something weird in my previous launch monitor and on-course testing…. Same result. The b xs is straighter and longer than the b x, for me. Humza, thanks for the link. Did they retract this? Added side note is that I was using chrome soft,then switched to a soft Bridgestone.

I just want to understand why there is not so much hype around the Srixon Z-Star golf ball. It is among the top balls for carry distance even despite its relatively low compression , it has incredible dispersion numbers, and its standard deviations are also very low. Having said that, how can we consider MTB-X the best value ball?

What is not being paid for in monetary costs for the MTB-X is being paid for in tremendous inconsistency, namely in standard deviation of spin axis and stdev of offline. I can understand some of that dispersion being due to the 5. In other words, the benefits would greatly outweigh the costs if this was the only large deviation. In my humble opinion, the reward-to-risk characteristics of the Z-Star prove it to be the best value ball of all those tested.

Just have a look at simple ratios like average-carry-to-stdev-carry or average-carry-to-shot-area and compare the Z-Star to many of the balls here… It is the king go the hill. The most worrisome statistic for the Srixon Z-Star has to be the 3. Actually I think the ZStar XV has better data with the exception of the fast driver offline data, which just seems odd that it would be that much offline for the fast but not for the slow.

I work for a discount golf store in central Florida. I learned a lot from reading your testing. Will use this information for my customers and myself. Thanks MGS!! But i also have high spin with the driver: usually in the 3, range. I also launch it above optimal levels. Of course, that has to do with my swing. However, the article says the soft balls are slower and low spin. Given my spin rate and launch angle, im already losing distance. Could there be something gained by switching to a softer ball? My numbers are close to yours on the driver.

I played the AVX for a while last year. Compression is overrated; the mantle and dimple design matter a lot more. AVX took down my peak height and spin with the driver and every other club. Going all the way back to the Titleist Professional, my game was built in bring able to get one hop and a hard grab from a 60 degree pitch and it was just too hard to adjust so I gave back the distance to get back the short game behavior I need.

I try lots of balls but almost always end up back on the Pro V1x. I suspect their results are fishy because in March I played the same course on back to back days when these respective balls and hit mostly the same clubs for second shots both days.


Is it still sold in the US? Hey Vast, would you do us all a favor? You may want to use the internet to figure that out. And while you are out there in the expansive WWW, maybe include where each of those golf balls is sold not just the US, the readership here is geographically huge , and if they are currently available.

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Thanks for your contribution! A very sarcastic, unnecessary response.

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Mike, guilty as charged. Sarcasm earned. Very intriguing article and information. Bottom line is you need to do you own testing to find out what works for you. I am in the middle of the ball testing process right now. I am a competitive scratch player with just over mph driver club speed. With that said, in real world testing where angle of attack, quality of contact and other human factors come into play, the results may or may not match up to the test data.

Missing ingredient to lower scores is something called deliberate practice

What would the data look like if the robot were set up to hit an eight yard fade instead of a draw? I recently tried the new MTB-X and felt as if they were going nowhere; more personal testing required I guess. Vice Pro was a good fit for me and I have several others that I have yet to test but am looking forward to the process.

My take away is, if you can afford urethane by all means do so. Bottom line is, if you have some game, you can break 80 with almost any clubs and any golf ball. Unless you have the motivation and time to do so, you might as well save some money, buy last years sticks off the shelf and pick up a double dozen of whatever is on sale on your way out the door.

You pretty much nailed it, the way I see it.