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Help Video tutorial Restart the tour. Geneanet Help. Search the Genealogy Library. Filter results. Edit search. Sort by : Relevance Name Year Nearby places. Results per page : 10 20 30 40 Carl Winkler has Watauga Co. Evening star. William E. Farthing , son of Lt Washington, Maryland, United States - Canterbury, Canterbury, New Zealand - Althougn wounded in the face, William Farthing , 21, and his brother, John, 18, ran two miles to summon aid after Albion, Victoria, Australia - Otago, Otago, New Zealand - Footprints in Marion County Illinois - v.

Marion Co, Illinois, United States - Denver, California, United States - Ashland, California, United States - Farthing is necessary. Alexander Farthing us now an officiating minister undiar the M. New, Wellington, New Zealand - Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand - For prompt service, call Lenney Glenn, COloay William and Mary College quarterly historical magazine Volume Varina, Unknown country - Archives of Maryland Volume v. Large, Maryland, United States - George Rountree Crisp. At home Kinston, North Carolina Salem, North Carolina, United States - Cornwall parish registers, marriages.

Mary dau. Westminster, London, United Kingdom - In , Dr.

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Frances Farthing joined the L-R faculty as the departments first chair with two specific goals Hickory, North Carolina, United States - Miss Marie Farthing , in Boone last Friday. Watson returned at once, but Dr. Farthing never Boone, North Carolina, United States - Was the desire of his soul to be satisfied at last?

Might he not hope to see a prince now—a prince of flesh and blood, if Heaven were willing? At each side of the gilded gate stood a living statue—that is to say, an erect and stately and motionless man-at-arms, clad from head to heel in shining steel armour. At a respectful distance were many country folk, and people from the city, waiting for any chance glimpse of royalty that might offer.

Splendid carriages, with splendid people in them and splendid servants outside, were arriving and departing by several other noble gateways that pierced the royal enclosure.

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Within was a comely boy, tanned and brown with sturdy outdoor sports and exercises, whose clothing was all of lovely silks and satins, shining with jewels; at his hip a little jewelled sword and dagger; dainty buskins on his feet, with red heels; and on his head a jaunty crimson cap, with drooping plumes fastened with a great sparkling gem. Several gorgeous gentlemen stood near— his servants, without a doubt. Everything gave way in his mind instantly to one desire: that was to get close to the prince, and have a good, devouring look at him.

Before he knew what he was about, he had his face against the gate-bars. The next instant one of the soldiers snatched him rudely away, and sent him spinning among the gaping crowd of country gawks and London idlers. Open the gates, and let him in! Come with me. But they were waved aside with a right royal gesture, and they stopped stock still where they were, like so many statues. Edward took Tom to a rich apartment in the palace, which he called his cabinet. By his command a repast was brought such as Tom had never encountered before except in books.

The prince, with princely delicacy and breeding, sent away the servants, so that his humble guest might not be embarrassed by their critical presence; then he sat near by, and asked questions while Tom ate. Where dost live? Offal Court, out of Pudding Lane. Hast parents? She hath a wicked heart, and worketh evil all her days.

Hark ye: before the night come, she shall hie her to the Tower. The Tower is for the great alone. I had not thought of that. I will consider of her punishment. Is thy father kind to thee? He smiteth with a heavy hand, yet spareth me: he spareth me not always with his tongue, though, sooth to say.

How doth thy mother use thee? And Nan and Bet are like to her in this.

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Oh, dost think, sir, that they have servants? Who helpeth them undress at night?

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Who attireth them when they rise? Have they but one? Truly they have not two bodies each. Thy pardon, I had not meant to laugh. But thy good Nan and thy Bet shall have raiment and lackeys enow, and that soon, too: my cofferer shall look to it. Thou speakest well; thou hast an easy grace in it. Art learned? The good priest that is called Father Andrew taught me, of his kindness, from his books. The Greek is harder; but neither these nor any tongues else, I think, are hard to the Lady Elizabeth and my cousin.

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But tell me of thy Offal Court. Hast thou a pleasant life there? There be Punchand-Judy shows, and monkeys—oh such antic creatures! Tell me more. Speak on.


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Prithee go on. If that I could but clothe me in raiment like to thine, and strip my feet, and revel in the mud once, just once, with none to rebuke me or forbid, meseemeth I could forego the crown! Then so shall it be. Doff thy rags, and don these splendours, lad!

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It is a brief happiness, but will be not less keen for that. We will have it while we may, and change again before any come to molest.

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The two went and stood side by side before a great mirror, and lo, a miracle: there did not seem to have been any change made! They stared at each other, then at the glass, then at each other again. It is not meet that one of my degree should utter the thing.

Thou hast the same hair, the same eyes, the same voice and manner, the same form and stature, the same face and countenance that I German clothe: kleiden, kleide, kleidet, kleidest, ankleiden, bekleiden, kleidet an, kleidest an, kleiden an, kleide an, bekleidest.

Mark Twain 19 bear. Fared we forth naked, there is none could say which was you, and which the Prince of Wales. And, now that I am clothed as thou wert clothed, it seemeth I should be able the more nearly to feel as thou didst when the brute soldier— Hark ye, is not this a bruise upon your hand?

It was a shameful thing and a cruel! It is a command! Unbar the gates! Way for the Prince of Wales!