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Size Size Chart. Description The Arctic Adventure winter boot is a welly with a difference. More Details Less Details. Write a Review. Too Small Perfect Too Large. Too Narrow Perfect Too Large. Uncomfortable Comfortable. I'm spellbound. Why do these discussions invariably turn into an Officer vs. Enlisted battle?

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I realize some Officers are arrogant SOB's and some enlisted are running around with chips on their shoulders because the O's get all the credit. If you fall into either of those categories, try a little humility and a little less anger.

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The fact is, especially on a submarine, there really are no roles that are irrelevant. All the enlisted members have a job to do that contributes to the mission, and all the officers do, too. Whether you like it or not, generally the Navy has invested a heck of a lot more time and money in the officers' training, because they are expected, like management in any company to, to make decisions that have wide ranging impact, and could even be life or death decisions.

So, on this thread hijacked , I agree with a couple of things at least: 1. No officer should turn a wrench, as that's not his role, and he would just f it up. Chiefs run the boat, and no intelligent officer would deny that fact. But, they run the boat so that the officers can concentrate on fighting the ship or, passing an ORSE. There can be no doubt that many of the submarine force's enlisted especially the nukes are intelligent and could easily have been officers, had their own usually personal circumstances been different.

But, each took different paths, and, rather than a conspiracy perpetrated by nefarious means, that's what is known as life. She just would not sink When she arrived in the shipyard, I was ordered to write a work-permit to install lead pigs in the line lockers and weld steel flat-bar to keep them from shifting around. EB was the lead shipyard and was responsible for its design. Newport News just followed the plans. Needless to say, Rickover was really pissed off During her high-speed runs, the foul shorts in the sail area made her the noisiest fast attack in the fleet.

Snorkle piping rattled as pipe hangers fouled other components. The boat did the "first-of-the-class" steam plant tests and the deep dive hull testing and all outboard sea valves testing. Some of her crew called her "The Rattletrap" To Jay re: "Why do these discussions invariably turn into an Officer vs. Until the armed services removes some of their 18th century traditions and policies based on those traditions you will always have this argument.

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Rubber Ducky.. A four year degree even if it's in philosophy automatically makes them better people. Just accept it, grovel before them, and eat the turd sandwich you happily agreed to oh so many years ago. To Jay: The fact is, especially on a submarine, there really are no roles that are irrelevant.

All the enlisted members have a job to do that contributes to the mission, and all the officers do, too Well said. BZ To Anonymous who said: Why do O-gangers have to have a wardroom with food served on china and silver? Show me in the corporate world a business that has succeeded because they installed a leader solely based on their education It does not bother me at all that they eat from china and silver.

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I don't believe the officers are put in their positions based "sole on their education", they are placed there becasue of what training the navy has invested in them. Any perks are both from tradition and from attempts to retain the time and money the navy has invested in this training. I don't think the point here is any additional perks and priviliges that the officers have. I believe the resentment is based at least partly upon attitudes of some, repeat, some of the officers.

I have served with some officers both sub and surface that have a good attitude about enlisted men, but still don't know squat and should resign.

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I have served with some that are very skilled and knowledgle, but come across as "holier-than-thou" towards enlisted men. I believe it was a former CNO who said of the Ensign - Chief relationship, that the Cheif must say: "He may be a dumbass Ensign, but he is my dumbass Ensign and I've got to live with him and train him. I belvieve the point of the oringal post by Rubber Ducky was his view about the book not being a true picture because the Captain came across as not giving credit for a good crew and wardroom. The first two set the standards and tone for the boat.

The last four take care of critical items that allow everyone else onboard to do their jobs without worrying about getting paid, having repair parts, getting fed, and staying healthy or what passes for such on a sub. Weaknesses elsewhere can be overcome or worked around. But it takes an enormous devotion of time and effort that could be used elsewhere. COs and COBs are a different story. Chief Torpedoman: Rubber Ducky hasn't even read the damn book. Any ex CO who publicly bashes any of his crew - including his officers - as Rubber Ducky has done is just a complete frigging "egomaniac" to use his original language idiot.

You know, I don't think it's really the Ensign that causes resentment. Sure, they're the most offensive at the "my 4 year degree taught me how to be better than you," but any enlisted guy worth his salt can stump an Ensign and put him in his place. The trouble comes when you get O-3s and O-4s that know enough to understand what's going on and STILL give ridiculous orders or set unachievable goals. Good job, dude. Four year degrees will land you into positions of "artificial leadership" very similar to the Ensign role. After being enlisted for 7 years I got my degree and am now serving in a very "Ensign" role for the most profitable company that has ever existed, despite not knowing a damn thing about refining before coming here. I'm having a difficult time believing what I'm reading.

One would think that all Officers are dumb, and lower than whale shit. You guys need to get your act togeather.

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Hey, If you see something that needs to be corrected bring it to the attention of the person responcible. Most CO's use the I did this and I did that. Occasionaly a CO will pass the accolades around.